Home exchange is a vacation alternative, where two families agree to swap their private homes or holiday homes. 

1: Who can make use of the website www.Exchange2home.com?

Anybody who has a private home, holiday home or a holiday apartment, which they would like to swap with others, can sign up as members at: www.exchange2home.com .  The site is based on the exchange of private and holiday homes of all kinds throughout the world. We offer FREE membership!

2: Insurance?

Check with your own insurance company. How are you insured in case of damage to your private home or your holiday home, the furniture, the car etc.? Make sure you have a cancellation-/travel insurance.


3: What are the benefits of using Exchange2home.com?

* Free exchange of private and holiday homes.

* Get a network of people all over the world.

* See other countries and show them yours.

* Free membership.



4: What if I already rent out my holiday home through an agency?

If you already rent out your holiday home through an agency, you must look over the details of the agreement.  In rare cases the agreement may contain rules, which allow you only to exchange or rent out your holiday home through that agency.


5: Who do I contact, if I have any questions?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Exchange2home at this e-mail address: Contact@exchange2home.com.  We will answer your e-mail as fast as possible.


6: Why do I have to fill out my information in English?

As this is an international website, you have to fill out your information in English.

7: Do I have to answer all inquiries?

When you receive an inquiry/e-mail from another member about exchanging your holiday home, please respond weather you are interested or not.


8: Can I have more than one profile?

Yes, but you only need one profile, where you can fill in as many houses as you please.