About Exchange2Home

The purpose of this website is to establish contact between people, who wish to exchange their holiday homes or their private homes with each other for a vacation.

As a member, you can exchange your private house, summer house, your holiday apartment or your ski- and golf cottage with other families all over the world, anywhere and as often as you wish.

Home exchange gives you the opportunity to spend your holiday in a new place, and to experience other cultures.

The purpose of this website is that our members contact each other via email, and agree if they are mutually interested in exchanging holiday homes. The length of the holiday – weekends, weeks or months – is also agreed mutually. On the website you will find a contract, which can be useful, when the conditions of an exchange are going to be arranged.

We offer you a user-friendly and accessible home exchange website, which currently will be updated and developed. We hope you will find pleasure in using our website. For more information click here.

We offer FREE membership. Hurry up and join now. Please tell your family and friends about https://www.exchange2home.com.

Enjoy yourself and have a happy holiday!

Kind regards,
Regin Madsen, Malene Heidemann & Susanne Lundgaard