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Apartments for renting in Villa , away from the city noise

General View of the HouseMy apartments are located at the ground floor of an ancient farmhouse built in 1700 ,recently , restored; but still preserving the original features, such as arches ,walls, roofs , barrel-vaults and it is provided with all comforts required for a pleasant holiday.

The tranquility and the relaxation of the guests are fully guaranteed, along with their privacy, as the house is accessible through a private iron gateway .

Sorrento city center is about one kilometer away and reachable in ten minutes walking.
The Residence is open all the year .
The structure is family manned and we are living in the same building therefore we are “at hand “ all the time..

There are three independent , double rooms, apartments provided with Bed Rooms ,bath rooms, Living Rooms with cooking area with all the utensils for selfcatering. There are also independent air-conditioning and heating , TV set , Fridge , Washing machine , oven , hair dryer. Each apartment is properly decorated and furnished .

Brief Description of each apartment:

Two rooms independently – 45 Sq meters – formed by a bedroom, living room, bathroom with shower and hair dryer. A comfortable doube bed divan is positioned into the Living Room for additional two sleeping ( Total four ).The cooking-area has all the cooking facilities for self-catering, including oven and fridge. There is it also has a washing machine, and Lcd tv color .
NOTE : Bed Room and Living Room are separated by TWO doors , therefore it is possible to accommodate two couple of friends that can keep their privacy.

Two room independently -35 sq. meters – apartment with bedroom, living room, bathroom with shower and hairdryer. A comfortable divan-bed is positioned into the Living Room for additional sleeping ( Total three ) . The cooking-area has all cooking facilities for self-catering, including oven and fridge, There is also has a washing machine and TV set. The apartment is elegantly furnished, and is provided with an independent heating system, also adequate for winter holidays.
Outside of the apartment there is a porch with table and chairs where it is possible to enjoy the meals . The apartment is surrounded by a typical Sorrento’s citrus grove and centuries-old olive trees, in a totally noise free environment

Three rooms independently – 50 Sq meters – are formed by a bedroom, a second bed room with barrel vaults, and bathroom with shower and hair dryer.
The apartment is elegantly furnished and provided with independent heating system adequate also for winter holidays.
Into the second bed room there are three single beds. ( Total Sleeping :five ) . The cooking-area has all cooking facilities for self-catering, including oven and fridge, it also has a washing machine, and color TV set.
The apartment is surrounded by a typical Sorrento’s citrus grove and centuries-old olive trees, in a totally noise free environment .
NOTE : Bed Room and Living Room are separated by TWO doors , therefore it is possible to accommodate two couple of friends that can keep their privacy.

We do have availability of a fourth apartment ,named ROSA, which is a Studio/Apartmentis ,35 sq/mts.

It is a roomy apartment elegantly furnished. There are exposed ,many farming utensils used in the past once the Villa was a farming facility. Actually inside this room there is the history of the House. Along one of the walls there is a library with hundreds of books both in Italian and English languages.

The apartment is including : Bathroom with shower and hairdryer; a wide cooking area with all the utensils for selfcatering including oven and frigo; Table and chairs for lunch, Writing desk, Living area with armchairs and TVcolor; a very comfortable double bed sofa. We have choosen a bedsofa' instead of a double bed as it can be folded to allow a extra space during the day .

This apartment it is ideal for two persons!!

The apartment is looking on to a garden with flowers and trees which has tables , chairs ,umbrellas and beach chairs as the guests might have their meals outside or enjoy their relax.

The mean feature of the Residence is the quiteness as it is immersed into the green in a noiseless spot , far away from the City traffic , tough it is positioned only few hundred meters far from the Main Square.

The House , which is positioned only 1000 metrs far from the Main Square , is reachable through an ancient roman road which is two meters wide for the final 400 meters .

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Number of bedrooms: 2 Number of bathrooms: 1 Floor area in m2: 50

Bedroom # Number of beds Bed type
Bedroom 1 5 Single
Bedroom 2 1 Single
Bathroom # WC Shower Bathtub
Bathroom 1 Yes Yes No

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General View of the HouseExternal View of the HouseBathroomKitchenDouble Bedroom2nd BedroomAccess to the ResidenceLibraryGardenLiving outsideOutside at nightHaving meals outsideGardenFlowersIf you only could smell


Sorrento, how many definitions have been ascribed to this locality, one of the most well-known international tourist sights.

Sorrento,native city of the poet Torquato Tasso, who was born here in 1544; kind Sorrento; Sorrento: land of colours; Sorrento: land of the Mermaids; Sorrento, the city of the orange and lemon groves, etc.

Each one of these definitions contains the truth because Sorrento is indeed a very pretty little city where kindness and hospitality are a combination that is handed down from one generation to the next. Sorrento, not to be rhetorical, is indeed the land of colours: brilliant or delicate hues depending on the change of the seasons. If you just pause a moment to observe how emotional a sunset can be when you gaze in the direction of Punta del Capo, of Ischia or Procida, the outlines of which can be seen clearly, you will be amazed by the variety of colours and the beauty of the scene. Or look, preferably from the sea, towards the majestic ridge of tuff rock that changes colour at every hour of the day. And then why not leave your mind go back in time so that, with a bit of imagination, you can see the nimble Greek ships ride the waves and Ulysses bound tightly to the main mast to listen safely to the dangerous song of the mermaids .... or follow the wake of the Roman ships laden with merchandise and busy sailors, or look around the wonderful palaces that the Roman emperors built on our coasts, among the most beautiful in the world.

Or again ships black as ink, fully armed, laden with ferocious Turks, liike those that in search of wealth and bounty, sacked Sorrento in 1558.

How many legends are told about these invasions; legends that are almost always linked to the great devotion that the Sorrentines have for their patron Saint Antonino and their well-grounded faith. lf you just go down into the crypt of the Basilica, dedicated of course to St Antonino, you will remain deeply moved by the number of votive offerings offered to the patron saint, and reading from them true stories, both sad and happy, of a people that is simple and industrious, influenced over the centuries by various cultures. Many civilizations have passed through here: the Etruscans, the Greeks (who gave the city its urban layout that is still clearly visible today in the historical centre), the Oscans, the Romans. Later the subjugation to Byzantium, the sack by the Longobards, the conquest by the Normans, the good influence of the Aragonese. After a long period of stagnation, the beginning of the 1700s saw a period of cultural, economic and social rebirth for the whole Sorrentine peninsula, which reached its climax during the 1800s. This was the period when the tourist vocation of this arca was born and was established with its inclusion in the so-called "Grand Tour", a journey through the most important Italian sights that every noble European son of the time had to make to complete his cultural, historical and literary formation. Thus distinguished guests such as Byron, Keats, Scott, Dickens, Goethe, Wagner, lbsen and Nitzsche, to just mention the most famous, came to stay in Sorrento in search of sun and inspiration.

The same period saw an intensification of the more traditional activities such as agriculture, sea trade and finally and progressively that tourist industry that is currently the most important sector of the Sorrentine economy.

Today Sorrento is a modern city with over one hundred comfortable hotels; it is the home of a prestigious and rich Museo (Correale di Terranova), that contains important testimonies of history of the city. Since the 18 th century, Sorrento is also famous for its great craft tradition of inlaid wood, some examples of great value can be admired at the Museo Bottega della Tarsia Lignea located in an ancient palace of the eighteenth century. Via San Nicola, 28 in the historic center, where you can also buy household items and furniture signed by designer Alessandro Fiorentino and her three young architects. Sorrento hosts important events in the fields of culture (International Prize Award "City of Sorrento" for science), music (Sorrentine Summer Musical Festival), cinema (International Film Festival), as well as the ideal starting point for visiting to all the tourist sights of the area (Capri, Ischia, Naples, Ercolano, Pompei, Positano, Amalfi) and so...

Welcome and Enjoy your Stay!!!
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Property details

Security system
Central heating
Swimming pool
TV/Cable x
CD player
Kitchen & Washing
Freezer x
Fridge x
Oven x
Washing machine x
Swimming pool
Garden x
Garden furniture x
Local activities
Mountain biking
Diving x
Horse riding
Fishing x
Tennis x
Roller blading
Water skiing
Swimming x
Wheelchair friendly
No smoking x
Air-conditioning x
Language spoken
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Italian x
Something about ourselves

I am Pasquale the Owner of the Residence Casale Nunziatina and I wish to give you a brief account about the history of this House.

It is an old farmhouse, with citrus groves, grapes and olive plants, which was rented by my grandparents dated back on 1920.

After my grandparents the renting of the Farm was transferred to my parents and in this Farmhouse I was born along with my brothers.

Nunziatina was our mother.

My childhood a beautiful season of my life ,very close to the nature , but I left soon to attend the Nautical School and starting the career of Merchant Navy Officer which lead me to the position of Ship’s Master on oil sailing ships.

I had the opportunity to travel, to know a lot of people and acquire many friends, and I was always appealed and fascinated by the Hotel’s world and the” sense of hospitality “for the tourists and visitors.

Tough I had the opportunity to travel all around the world I have always looked foreword to coming back and living in the old farmhouse where I was born.

Eventually on 2003 I did manage to purchase it. The farmhouse was quite old as it was dated back on 1700 and a long restoration was required.

During this process the house was, practically, re-made but still preserving the feature of the old farmhouse such as wall, barrel vaults, roofs etc.

Once the restoration was completed ,three charming apartments were arranged, and their tiling , decoration process and furnishing were strictly supervised by my sister Rosa, a woman which is assisting me to manage the Residence.

Eventually I did manage to fulfill the dream to make available the apartments for the Guests who come to visit us all along the year. Guests which are always welcome as Family’s Friends to show them the place where we were born.

Ah …of course the Residence took the name of our mother Nunziatina , a woman very strong who spent her life for the family and the work, therefore we deemed fair to dedicate to her the Residence.

Looking foreword to see you all at Casale Nunziatina ….

Rosa and Pasquale

Preferred destinations: US, France, England, We like to go anywhere - surprise us!

We are number of travelers: 2


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