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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Home exchange ?

Home exchange is a vacation alternative, where two families agree to swap their private homes or holiday homes.

1.  Who can make use of the website

Anybody who has a private home, holiday home or a holiday apartment, which they would like to swap with others, can sign up as members at: The site is based on the exchange of private and holiday homes of all kinds throughout the world. Click the above link and sign up as a member. Remember to have at least 1 picture of your holiday home ready for downloading. We offer FREE membership !

2.  How do I use this website?

Click on the country and the region, where you want to go. Click on an interesting holiday home at the listing. Send a privacy protected e-mail to the member, who you wish to exchange your holiday home with. Remember that before you can contact the other members, you have to be a member yourself.

3.  How much does a membership cost?

JOIN NOW and get FREE membership at

Since this is a NEW website, we offer FREE membership. Hurry up and Join now. Please tell your family and freinds about

4.  Are there any other expenses?

No. You can exchange your private home or your holiday home as many times as you wish without being charged any fees.

5.  Insurance?

Check with your own insurance company. How are you insured in case of damage to your private home or your holiday home, the furniture, the car etc.? Do you have a cancellation-/travel insurance? 

6.  What are the benefits of using

Benefits of using

 * Free exchange of private and holiday homes.
 * Get a network of people all over the world.
 * See other countries and show them yours.
 * Free exchange- and rental contracts available.
 * Weekends or longer holidays … You decide.
 * Free membership.

7.  Guarantee?

We cannot offer you a guarantee that your private home or your holiday home will be exchanged with others. It depends on yourself and the effort you make. The more active you are on the site, the more members you contact, the greater chance you will have of exchanging your private home or your holiday home with other members.

8.  How do I change my membership information?

You can always edit your information, as you wish. Simply log on the website with your password, edit your information and finish by clicking “Personal details”. 

9.  What is an exchange-/rental contract?

On our website we have 2 contracts at your disposal.  An exchange contract and a rental contract.  These contracts are for your convenience.  You can see the contracts here.  The contracts contain useful information, which should be discussed and agreed to, before entering into a final agreement.

10.  Why do I have to add pictures of my private home or my holiday home?

Before you sign up as a member, it is important that you have at least 1 picture of your private home or your holiday home ready for downloading. As a member, you always want to see pictures of the private home or the holiday home, you are going to visit.  You can download as many pictures as you wish.

11.  What about the car?

The car is not automatically part of the exchange agreement.  If you want to exchange cars, you should contact your insurance company regarding terms of insurance.

12.  What if I already rent out my holiday home through an agency?

If you already rent out your holiday home through an agency, you must look over the details of the agreement.  In rare cases the agreement may contain rules, which allow you only to exchange or rent out your holiday home through that agency.

13.  How do I keep track of the members, who I have been in contact with?

When you send an email to another member, the computer will automatically save a copy of this e-mail under your “contacts”.

14.  A question of trust?

When you exchange or rent out your private home or your holiday home to other people, it will always be a question of mutual trust.

15.  Who do I contact, if I have any questions?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Exchange2home at this e-mail address:  We will answer your e-mail as fast as possible.

16. Why do I have to fill out my information in English ?

You have to fill out your information in English. Googletranslation (at the top of the website), can then translate your information from English into all languages.

17. Do I have to answer all inquiries ?

When you receive an inquiry/email from another member about exchangeing or renting your holiday home, please respond weather you are interested or not.

18. Is my personal information available for the other members ?

No, only your email adress and your phone number.

19. What is a weekly newsletter ?

A newsletter is a weekly update on email with new second homes and news.

20. Can I have more than one profile ?

Yes, you can have as many profiles, as you wish. When you have typed in all the information about the first private home or holiday home and activated your profile (so your home is visible on the front page), you have to log out, before you type in the next private home or holiday home. Log out by clicking Join Now/My home. Under step 1 you will now find Log out. Please click.

21. I have made a profile, but it is not visible on the front page ?

If you have filled out the information required from step 1 to 6, but still can't see your private home or your holiday home on the front page, you might have forgotten to activate your profile. To activate your profile, please do as follows: Login (email adress and password). Click Edit my information or Join now/My home and click next step at the bottom of each page, till you reach step 6. At the bottom of step 6, you change Inactive to Active and press save. Now your profile is active.

22. Can I delete my profile ?

Yes, you can always hide your profile, so other members don't have access to your holiday home. Press Login (email address and password). Click on Edit my information or Join now/My home and click next step at the bottom of each page, till you reach step 6. At the bottom of step 6, you change Active to Inactive and press save. Your profile is now inactive, and your private home or your holiday home is not visible. You can always make your profile active again. If you wish to delete your Profile, please send us an email, and we will delete it permantently. Link to Contact us.

23. Why is this website for free ?

As this is a brand NEW website, we offer FREE MEMBERSHIP to our first members.